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The result of a collaboration between the BBC and partners including Samsung and Microsoft, the BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer introducing kids worldwide to the joys of programming. The micro:bit is already widely used in UK schools to inspire digital creativity in students while teaching them technological and engineering skills. Our introductory micro:bit course will encourage your child to develop a maker mindset, and as their final project, students will apply what they have learnt to program the micro:bit to work like a Fitbit™.
Set your child on the path to become a maker; sign them up for Creative Coding’s BBC micro:bit course now!

About the BBC micro:bit
● Used by millions of students in over 50 countries
● Connects to phones, tablets, cameras, and more
● Endless possibilities for advanced learning with a wide range of add-on packs
● 90% of students said the micro:bit showed them that anyone can code