Imagination is key to any game design.  In Roblox, kids can create characters & stories in 3D worlds. 


Kids will learn to "script" in Lua programming language to further customize their game. 

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Explosions, Roller Coasters, Flying Unicorns, Deep Sea Exploration, its up to you!

Become a coding pro

Write real Lua code online with our beginner-friendly editor

Online safety is very important to us. Our private server is completely compatible with Roblox's parental controls, including disabling chat capabilities, publishing moderation and identifiable information restrictions. While coding, students test their games themselves in Roblox Studio, and only friends who have been invited can join to test their games.

Football Fever? Build your own Football Team & Game.

To be a good game designer, it is useful to understand different game formats and programming languages used to create these games.  In our Summer camp, we will explore & learn these differences.