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Minecraft is one of the most educational games invented.

What better way to learn real programming whilst kids are immersed creating their virtual world. 

As part of this Game Design course, we have introduced Design Thinking, an important mindset to develop alongside coding skills for any game creation. The Design Thinking Process has 5 stages- empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test.  This skill benefits across all subjects in fostering innovation.


For our Java Coding with Minecraft course, we have developed this four part Introduction to Design Thinking syllabus for beginners.


Game Design 101 - distinguish the differences between player experience vs coding experience through playing and detailing the experiences.

Programming 101 - Learn how to read Java & translate some Game Design 101 elements into real lines of codes.

World Building 101 - Modifying existing game worlds to further understand what it means to program.

Team Building 101 - Team up with classmates under guided play to understand online games pitfalls & gaming etiquettes.


These skills are continuously re-enforced with as students' progress to higher levels.

*Each student must have their own Minecraft license and laptop.

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