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A great introduction to STEAM learning for age 5 - 8 with a twist!  

We coined S.M.A.R.T to cover Science, Math, Art, Robotics and Technology.


A three part course to teach kids :

1. Science & Circuitry projects by mixing it up with Arts & Crafts, Music and PlayDoh. 

2. Edison robotics, a super powerful Lego compatible robot with its own Drag & Drop programming App called Edware to learn to program the robot's sensors, motors, LED lights and sound to do all sorts of fun things.

3. Coding or Digital literacy is the 3rd language every child should learn.  M.I.T. developed Scratch Jr., a visual programming App to encourage kids to learn coding concepts, logic, design thinking  and problem solving skills by making their own animation, digital story book, E-cards or anything they want.  They can be Creators! 


Young engineers will build & keep their own robot, learn all about the use of its sensors, LEDS, circuits, explore bluetooth capabilities and further customization of their mBots.  Our weekly lessons are designed to teach kids computational thinking and a deeper understanding of the use of more complex coding commands thru creative projects.  This fun combination of hardware and software allows kids to transfer their engineering knowledge & programming skills to be creators and inventors!  

Kids learn to make different types of Apps using a Design - First approach.  An App needs to be user friendly, have a purpose whether as a form of communication, entertainment or solving a problem for a particular audience.