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Here at Creative Coding, we believe digital literacy is important for every child's future, as we must acknowledge that this is the world students now live in, surrounded by digital technology. Computer science is transforming industries from healthcare, fashion to agriculture and manufacturing, not to mention IOT [Internet Of Things]. But learning a computer language alone does not teach kids design thinking which is essentially creative problem solving nor help them to develop a Maker Mindset.

In line with a world-wide movement to teach all kids how to code and a revival of Makerspaces, our fun S.T.E.A.M based courses are thoughtfully designed to add tinkering and exploration back in the learning process. That's why we explore coding through robotics, using a Design First approach to teach kids (5 and up) Design Thinking, Problem Solving, Logical & Computational Thinking and Collaboration - all necessary skills for their future.



Let your child be a creator, not merely a consumer of technology and prepare them for jobs that don't exist yet! 

Contact us today for more details and see our qualified and passionate instructors in action.

Happy coding!

Nora Yeung

Creator, Entrepreneur and Mother of 3.

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